Selma Blair Provides Exclusive Update on Her Multiple Sclerosis Remission Journey

The acclaimed thespian engaged in a discourse with ET during the prestigious Glamour Women of the Year Awards, an event held on Tuesday. Selma Blair finds herself in a state of well-being that surpasses any she has experienced in recent years, and she revels in the warm and nurturing embrace of the 2023 Glamour Women of the Year Awards. The thespian graced the scarlet carpet at the illustrious gala, a gathering hosted at Jazz at Lincoln Center in the heart of New York City. In the wake of her arduous battle with multiple sclerosis, she shared a poignant health update with ET.

“My state of health is indeed robust. I have been in remission ever since undergoing a bone marrow transplantation,” disclosed Blair, her voice resonating with a triumphant spirit. “This procedure was a crucial step in halting the relentless progression of multiple sclerosis, a condition that had been smoldering within me for countless years.”

She elaborated on the profound journey of recovery she undertook, stemming from the transplantation that occurred in 2021. “The path to recuperation has been protracted,” she reflected, her countenance marked with determination. “However, I now stand imbued with a newfound vitality, brimming with resurgent stamina.”

In addition, the esteemed thespian imparted that her overall health is currently flourishing, and her focus lies in dedicating her time and energy to the betterment of others. “This phase of my existence has been a most gratifying odyssey, marked by the discovery of my own community, and the profound realization that there exists no greater satisfaction than amplifying the voices of those in need,” Blair shared, her words a testament to her unwavering commitment to advocacy.

The radiant actress was among the distinguished honorees at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards gala that evening. Reflecting on the significance of the recognition, she remarked, “This marks my inaugural presence at this grand event, and the sensation is truly ineffable. It is nothing short of extraordinary,” she confided in ET. “In a world burdened by an abundance of contemplation, it is indeed heartening to partake in a celebration of those who ardently champion the cause of amplifying one another’s voices.”

She continued, adding with genuine ardor, “To serve as a champion for individuals facing disabilities is an unparalleled privilege and honor.”

For further insights into the emotional voyage of this celebrated actress, kindly refer to the video below.

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