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TikToker and OnlyF model “Ninadoesthemost” was “traumatized” after being forced to abandon her pet cat in Taiwan while attempting to transport it to Bali. Traveling with pets may be extremely stressful for both the owner and the animal.

Airlines may impose tight limitations on the sorts and sizes of animals permitted in the cabin, even requiring them to fly in the cargo hold. Flying can also cause anxiety in animals, which can lead to health concerns. A woman who travelled to Bali with her pet cat, on the other hand, had a nightmare when she was obliged to keep it.

Ninadoesthemost, a popular TikToker and OnlyF model who had to leave her cat behind during a trip to Bali, described her encounter with her pet as “traumatic.” TikToker and OF model “Ninadoesthemost” filmed the stressful situation in which she was forced to leave her cat in Taiwan while on a trip to Bali. An airline employee tells Nina she needs to fly back to the US “today” without her cat in the interactive clip.

“Can I have some time with my cat?” she begged, plainly desperate. “No? She can’t be imprisoned for hours… Does it matter that she’s a starving animal?” Nina stated that she “made certain” her cat obtained all of the “proper documentation” from the veterinarian, who issued her a “travel certificate” to Indonesia expressly for her.

Despite taking all of these steps, Nina was told she couldn’t bring her cat into the country – despite paying $1,300 to have a veterinarian check the travel restrictions and approve everything.

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