Swagg reveals that the NICKMERCS dispute caused the cancellation of his special CoD bundle.

Popular CoD content producer Swagg has acknowledged that while he was initially in line for a bespoke bundle in Warzone 2, it was ultimately canceled due to the NICKMERCS scandal.

After years of clamoring, fans of Activision’s massive FPS franchise eventually received a few special Operators to honor their favorite streaming personalities in 2023, which appeared to herald the start of a new age.

Early this year, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman were the first to pioneer a new concept by each obtaining their very own Operator skins in-game along with a number of complimentary cosmetics. But things didn’t go as planned; a few days after these much awaited packs were released, there was a stir, and both were swiftly removed from the game.

Swagg has recently admitted that his own cosmetic preparations were abandoned as a result of this controversy. Activision initially wanted to give Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 each their own Weapon Blueprint, but they finally changed their minds due to the aforementioned circumstance.

Amid the NICKMERCS controversy, Swagg admits that Warzone Blueprint was dropped.

Receiving the call to assist in creating his very own cosmetic “meant everything,” as Swagg recalled in a YouTube video on July 17 after devoting his “whole career” to Call of Duty.

Swagg was thrilled at the possibility of having his own weapon Blueprint in the franchise he’d spent the most time with, even though it wasn’t planned to be a fully developed Operator skin comparable to NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman.

According to his upload, discussions started in May as designers started putting his audacious ideas for a weapon skin into practice. Swagg discussed design concepts for this cosmetic with devs throughout the route, even traveling to the studio in person to receive a first impression.

Activision soon retaliated by eliminating his personalized bundle, closely followed by Tim’s as well, as controversy about NICKMERCS erupted and the matter broke out on social media. In the midst of the confusion, Swagg “knew” that it would soon be his turn to receive a call from Activision about his own bundle.

“I knew it was coming,” he said. “I knew it was a wrap. It was very heartbreaking… to be so near.

“They were going in a different direction and won’t be going forward with the bundle. It was something I’d always desired, therefore I was really wounded by it.

Swagg’s unique weapon was consequently shelved, and it appears that the devs have no immediate intentions to bring it back. “They’ll probably avoid doing anything with creators ever again,” the YouTube star concluded.

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