tana mongeau video leaked

Tana Mongeau refuted allegations that she was expelled from a gay bar this past weekend.
She looked to be fighting with employees at The Abbey in West Hollywood in videos.
Insider was informed by several customers that Mongeau caught a person experiencing a medical emergency on camera.

Influencer Tana Mongeau reacted angrily on Twitter after footage of her engaging in frank conversation with staff at the renowned homosexual club The Abbey in West Hollywood emerged. Someone may be heard in the video saying that Mongeau is being ejected from the bar, however Mongeau denied this on Twitter in reaction to the claim.

Mongeau, a 5.5 million subscriber YouTuber and influencer known for her hard partying ways, reacted angrily to detractors who questioned why she had to leave the gay bar over the weekend.

Mongeau replied to a post that included the footage from Def Noodles by saying, “We left because everyone had to due to an emergency inside.” “You can’t just call people names,”

tana mongeau leaked1
tana mongeau leaked1

Both the guy who recorded Mongeau and another diner at their table confirmed to Insider that they saw Mongeau and her pals being removed out of The Abbey following many incidents involving her party and other diners and staff.

According to the LA resident who recorded the video, Brian Kaos, “They were acting wild and belligerent and making everyone around us uncomfortable.” He and the other customer said that Mongeau and those in her company weren’t table-hopping while disguised.

From there, according to the other visitors to The Abbey, the conflict between Mongeau and the other guests grew more intense. An ambulance was sent to the restaurant on Saturday at around 6:30 p.m., the West Hollywood Fire Department confirmed to Insider. According to the agency, responders transported one person to a hospital.

Mongeau’s own camera was used to capture this moment, which she then uploaded to her Instagram story. You can’t make this stuff up, right there is a full parademics with a stripper stripping. In her account, Mongeau declared, “I adore LA.

Then, Lilah Gibney, a friend of Mongeau’s, shared the incident on her own Instagram story with the caption, “We legit got escorted out of the abbey after this.” On Twitter, Mongeau commented in response to Gibney’s article, writing, “She makes crazy jokes.”

Kaos wrote in a direct message, “Tana and her friends were blocking the entry way when medics arrived.” My friends and I begin yelling at her to erase the tapes and to stop acting disrespectfully. She responded by repeatedly saying, “F— off! Security then ordered her and her pals to stop recording.

Mongeau, her manager, and LA micro-influencers Lilah Gibney and Ari Aguirre, two of Mongeau’s friends who participated in videos that day, did not reply to Insider’s request for comment.


An employee at The Abbey told Insider that Mongeau was “very sweet” and called back the following day to make sure she had left a tip, but a spokesman for The Abbey declined to comment for the story. The same person claimed that Mongeau was not asked to leave since she was filming the medical emergency, but they could not provide a different explanation for why she and her friends were captured on camera chatting with personnel as they left the bar.

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