The name of the alleged GTA 6 hacker has finally been revealed: everything we know so far

Many gamers will recall the GTA 6 hacker who published dozens of videos for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, which will be released on September 18, 2022. It was by far the most significant leak for the title. So much so that those clips are still the only ones available to players today for the new game. The man and his accomplice were apprehended, and fresh information has subsequently emerged.

Arion Kurtaj, the GTA 6 hacker, is 18 years old. Prior to the mega-leak, he had an accomplice for prior alleged offenses. This individual is an anonymous 17-year-old whose identify cannot be revealed for legal reasons.

The pair were members of the Lapsus$ hacking organization, which was accused of using their technological ability to target Uber, Revolut, and Rockstar Games.

Psychiatrists determined that Arion Kurtaj was not fit to stand trial. More information will be provided below.

The GTA 6 hacker’s identity is revealed to be Arion Kurtaj

In addition, the anonymous 17-year-old accomplice is suspected of assisting Arion in blackmailing the BT Group and EE in 2021. Prosecutors claim the two are “key members” of the Lapsus$ organization and were even accused of hacking NVIDIA in February 2022.

Psychiatrists assess that one GTA 6 hacker is not fit to stand trial

According to recent developments in the case, psychiatrists have determined that Arion Kurtaj is unfit for trial. That doesn’t mean the individual responsible for uploading the GTA 6 leaked film won’t face charges, but everything will be handled differently than usual. The jury will have to assess if the man committed the offenses rather than whether he is innocent or guilty.

Arion Kurtaj was charged with 12 counts related to the Computer Misuse Act, including blackmail, fraud, and hacking. As of this writing, the trial has not yet begun.

Arion Kurtaj’s anonymous 17-year-old accomplice is facing extortion, fraud, and hacking accusations. Because he is underage, his identity will not be officially known.

More details regarding the case may become available in the next weeks or months, so gamers interested in such news should keep a watch on this topic.

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