The players of Diablo 4 have discovered a new challenge they’ve dubbed “The Shiny Butcher”

When traversing Diablo 4’s dungeons and expansive open world, you’ll encounter a variety of monstrous foes. However, players on the game’s subreddit have recently discovered a brand new one, and he’s enormous.

The Butcher is a now-famous boss in Diablo 4 whom some players may never encounter during their entire run. This is because he spawns randomly in the game’s dungeons and cellars.

In the game’s Open Beta, he amassed an impressive body count as a hulking foe that can be a nightmare to deal with early on. Even unprepared late-game builds may struggle against his enormous health bar and brutal attacks.

As if the vanilla Butcher weren’t challenging enough, players on the Diablo 4 subreddit have recently encountered The Butcher on steroids. The user IronHeart_777 uploaded a screenshot depicting an adversary with a striking red aura nearly double his normal size.

So uh… anyone know why we found a Giant Butcher? He appeared this big
by u/IronHeart_777 in diablo4

The player explained that they were running Nightmare Dungeons when this hulking monster burst into view and yelled, “Fresh meat!” Initially, the OP and others in the thread referred to the adversary as “Shiy Butcher.”

It wasn’t long before other users proposed plausible explanations for this peculiar occurrence. User swissarmywolf attributed the red aura and monstrous size to a Nightmare Dungeon Affix meant to increase the difficulty.

The Major Avenger Affix causes enemies to become enraged when nearby monsters are killed, granting them 25% increased damage and the aforementioned visual indicators. This transforms the already intimidating butcher into a frighteningly effective fighting machine.

However, the rewards for overcoming this enormous obstacle are well worth the effort. The Butcher already drops high-quality loot upon defeat, and the added enchantment increases the quality of his drops.

The Butcher Encounter in Diablo 4

In order for players to encounter this, they must encounter an extremely rare combination of RNG mechanics. First, you must have the Major Avenger Affix applied to the Nightmare Dungeon you’re running. Second, and even rarer, The Butcher must spawn.

Check out all of our Diablo 4 guides on Dexerto if you want to be prepared for the worst and defeat the monstrously powerful “Shiny Butcher.”

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