The romper stomper fight video leaked, Girl Who Kicked Ass In The Viral reddit

So I blogged about this video that went viral after it was released on the internet yesterday night. There’s a lot going on in the video, but in case you missed it, here it is again:

I don’t want for this to be a wrap-up blog, but the entire internet is rooting for and looking for our new denim queen, or any jumpsuit for that matter. Dave stated that he would gladly have her fight for him.

One of the finest aspects of the internet is that no one is immune to being tracked down. It took us a month to track down crazy airplane lady Tiffany Gomas, so that’s another three weeks. However, the identity of the new Queen was revealed less than three hours after the film was posted. Barbie in a sweater. Trampler in a jumpsuit. Icy Becky Austin is a woman.

She made the best of what she had, using her hands (and boots) beautifully:

What a memorable evening. She apparently sought to defend her mother and won the hearts of the entire country in the process. If I know anything about the internet, it’s that she’ll be playing the Tiffany Gomas podcast on our network soon we resume hiring.

She might appear on Pals with Dave next week. It snowballed from there, and they were immediately on the table with Spotify for $60 million. Alex Cooper, Pat McAfee, Jenna Marbles and the Jumpsuit Stomper, and Mad Airplane Lady were added to Dave’s list of all-time favorites. Bar stools did it once more.

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