The Steam Hardware Survey reveals that RTX 40-series GPUs are the most popular

In an unexpected turn of events, the June Steam Hardware Survey reveals that the most popular desktop RTX 40-series graphics card is the 4070 Ti.

The Steam Hardware Survey is an excellent way to gauge the PC gaming market as a whole. From the monitors people use, the resolutions they play at, and the GPUs that power the majority of gaming systems.

In this month’s issue, we took a close look at the most popular Nvidia GPUs. The RTX 3060 continues to reign supreme among its laptop and desktop variants. The RTX 4070 Ti appears to be the most popular new option among PC gamers for current-generation desktop hardware.

In our January review, we deemed the RTX 4070 Ti “extremely well-positioned as a 1440p GPU,” and since then, it appears that desktop gamers have been snapping them up. The GPU now holds 0.62 percent of the overall market share on Steam, which is greater than the RTX 4090, the next-most popular 40-series card.

Intriguingly, the number of RTX 4080 users has decreased since last month’s survey, while the number of RTX 4070 users has increased slightly. It will be fascinating to see how the RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 desktop-class GPUs are presented in next month’s issue.

The laptop RTX 4060 makes massive gains

The laptop RTX 4060 makes massive gains
The laptop RTX 4060 makes massive gains

As a result of the public release of a new generation of gaming laptops, the RTX 4060 GPU for laptops appears to be another breakout hit, with 0.81 percent of Steam users polled owning one. This is greater than the desktop 4070 Ti and may signal the beginning of a new laptop GPU titan. The laptop variant of the RTX 3060 is currently ranked fourth, with 4.28 percent of Steam users owning one.

Thanks to features such as DLSS 3’s frame generation, it’s possible that more mid-range GPUs will begin to dominate the market, but the RTX 3060’s stranglehold on the desktop and laptop gaming markets is unlikely to be broken anytime soon.

AMD CPUs fail to make a dent

AMD may face stiff competition from Intel due to Team Blue’s exceptional value proposition. Last month, the company lost 0.43 percent of its market share to Intel, which may indicate that it needs to do more to appeal to mass-market consumers. With the new leaks of the Ryzen 7500F, they hope to address this issue, but it may be too late to win back the lost users of this generation.

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