Trahedya sa antique actual real video leaked, Deaths in Ceres bus tragedy in Antique

Mr. Michael Tolentino from PDRRMO Antique has officially verified that the fatality count in the lamentable Ceres bus mishap in the town of Hamtic, Antique, has surged to 18. This revelation ensues the demise of an individual formerly designated as critically ailing.

The most recent casualty in the Ceres bus calamity in Antique is an individual who breathed her last at the Western Visayas Medical Center in Iloilo City. As per the PDRRMO’s current update, four individuals are in satisfactory health, four are experiencing gradual recuperation, and two are subject to meticulous observation.

The tragic incident unfolded after 4 pm on December 5, when a Ceres bus originating from Iloilo veered off into a ravine in Barangay Igbucagay, Hamtic. Vallacar Transit Incorporated, the proprietor of the aforementioned Ceres Bus, anticipates shouldering the medical and interment expenditures for the victims. According to their official communication, personnel are stationed at medical facilities where victims are undergoing treatment to provide regular updates and supplementary aid.

Simultaneously, the clearance operation persists in the vicinity of the mishap. | Report by Hope Torrechante RP Iloilo

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