Travis Scott Announces a brand-new song with The Weeknd and Bad Bunny.

The collaboration is set to arrive on Thursday night July 20.

Travis Scott teased a new collaboration with The Weeknd and Bad Bunny on Instagram on Wednesday, July 19. He is bringing something sweet to fans.

The rapper revealed the cover art for the star-studded collaboration, which features a single red lollipop, and added three lollipop emojis to the post. Scott wrote, “Flame Abe Benito,” and added that the song would be released on Thursday night (July 20).

His announcement is available here.

The rapper from “Pick Up the Phone” is getting ready to release Utopia on July 28, his first studio album in almost five years. The project is Scott’s third studio album Astroworld’s follow-up. Astroworld opened at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and produced multiple Billboard Hot 100 hits, including “Sicko Mode” at No. 1, “Stargazing” at No. 8, and “Carousel” at No. 24.

The record launch party will be broadcast live last week and will take place at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt on the day of release.

After hearing rumors that the event had been postponed by Egyptian government officials because The Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions was worried about “the safety and protection of the audience,” Live Nation reaffirmed that the livestream event was still scheduled to take place as scheduled. “Any claims to the contrary are untrue; there have been no alterations to Travis Scott’s performance in Egypt. We are eagerly anticipating celebrating Utopia in Egypt with you, the company said in a statement to Billboard.

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