Tullamore video leaked on twitter, Whats happened to Tullamore murder probe LIVE

The police have responded to a “violent incident” near Tullamore, Offaly County.

This afternoon, the incident occurred in a rural residence outside the city.

A man has been apprehended, and the investigation is still in its infancy, according to the police. No additional information has been disclosed at this time.

Additionally, Gardai reported that images of the incident were circulating on social media and messaging applications. They are requesting that anyone who received the email not forward it.

A spokesperson stated, “This afternoon, on Friday, September 29, 2023, police officers were at the scene of a violent incident at a residential property in a rural area outside of Tullamore, County Offaly.”

“A suspect was apprehended. No additional information has been disclosed at this time. The investigation is at an early stage and Gardaí will not be disclosing further details at this time.

“The Police Service is aware that images of this incident are circulating on social media and messaging apps, and the Police Service is asking anyone who receives these images not to share the content.”

Tullamore, Ireland, is a charming village tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of Offaly County. Tullamore is a destination that captivates the heart due to its rich history, hospitable residents, and scenic beauty. Let’s voyage through Tullamore’s essence!

Historical Importance Tullamore is surrounded by historical sites such as the stately Charleville Castle and the ancient Clonmacnoise Monastery. The town’s name, “Tullamore,” is an allusion to its topography, as it translates to “big hill” in Irish.

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