Tumblr is rolling out a new web interface, and it looks a lot like X (formerly Twitter)

In the past month, Tumblr has been testing a new design for its web browser with a select group of users. The new navigation interface resembles X, formerly known as Twitter, as the navigation bar has been moved to the left. The new design also relocates the compose icon to the bottom left of the display, where it is located on X.

According to the company, the change was made to make it as simple as feasible for all Tumblr users, new and old, to comprehend and explore what’s happening on the platform.

Tumblr wrote in a blog post, “When adding something new to Tumblr in the past, we would simply add a new icon to our navigation with little explanation.” “It turns out that no one enjoys pressing a button without knowing what it does. The navigation now incorporates text labels wherever there is space. Since adding these, we’ve observed more of you exploring previously uncharted regions of Tumblr.”

Tumblr claims to have incorporated user feedback during the testing phase and has already made modifications to the new design. These modifications include returning settings subpages (Account, Dashboard, etc.) to the right of the settings page rather than having them as an expandable item in the navigation on the left, addressing some issues with messaging windows on smaller screens, and streamlining the Account section to make it easier to access your blogs.

The platform is considering creating a collapsible version of this navigation and maximizing screen space for users with larger displays. Additionally, the company is reportedly attempting to improve access to accounts and sideblogs.

Tumblr saw an increase in new users after Elon Musk assumed control of Twitter (Now X) in November, as Twitter users sought alternatives. In the first week of November, Tumblr CEO Matt Mullenweg reported a 58% increase in iOS app downloads and a 57% increase in Android app downloads.

Tumblr gained 880,000 new installations across iOS and Android in November, up from 450,000 and 500,000 in September and October, respectively, according to data.ai data viewed by TechCrunch at the time. In the subsequent months, however, downloads returned to normal levels (around 400,000 to 500,000 per month).

Since people are still seeking an alternative to Twitter, Tumblr may be attempting to attract new users by transforming its platform to resemble X. Clearly, many Tumblr users dislike the new modification, as they have taken to X to express their displeasure with it.

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