Twitch just made it a little easier to qualify for the Partner Plus program

Earlier this summer, Twitch provided streamers who were unhappy with the platform’s default revenue share, which splits earnings 50/50 between the company and the creator, with some positive news. Soon after the launch of Twitch’s new Partner Plus program, streamers would be eligible to keep 70% of their earnings; however, this better arrangement came with a number of significant restrictions.

Twitch requires that streamers sustain a minimum of 350 paid subscribers for three consecutive months in order to qualify for Partner Plus. Given how difficult it can be to gain traction on the site, the requirement is excessive and does nothing to help new broadcasters get started.

Now, Twitch is implementing a change to the Partner Plus program, but it’s not the one most users requested. This week, Twitch announced that higher subscription tiers will tally for additional paid subscribers toward the 350-subscriber minimum.

Paid subscribers gain access to ad-free broadcasts, chat badges, subscriber-only chat, and special subscriber streams on Twitch. Less frequent and more expensive Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscriptions provide a channel’s followers with unique badge flourishes and additional chat emotes.

Subsequently, Tier 1 subs are worth one point, Tier 2 subs are worth two points, and Tier 3 subs are worth six points. The requirement of 350 subscribers is now the entire number of “Partner Plus points” a streamer must earn to qualify for the program.

While this change will benefit some broadcasters, many streamers are still requesting that Twitch count gifted subscriptions toward the required 350 paid subscriptions. (Amazon Prime members also receive one free channel subscription per month, but these subscriptions do not contribute toward the Partner Plus requirements.)

Twitch has an extensive culture of gift subs, in which a channel’s existing subscribers pay to offer another viewer a free subscription, thereby supporting their favorite streamers and recruiting new members. The Twitch subscriber event known as “Subtember” is also approaching, offering discounts on subscriptions and gift subscriptions.

Even if their paid subscriber base drops below the threshold after 12 months, channels that surpass the 350-subscriber threshold will be enrolled in the more advantageous revenue share. For qualified streamers, the first $100,000 they earn on the platform will be split 70/30, but earnings will revert to 50/50 once they surpass that threshold.

On October 1 — just around the corner — Twitch’s Partner Plus program will launch, so we’ll be monitoring to see how the new revenue share works and how many streamers are able to meet the requirements.

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