Twitch will let streamers block banned users from watching streams

Twitch’s chat ban tools have existed for a long time, but the platform is about to give broadcasters the ability to control who can view a stream in the first place.

In the most recent episode of Patch Notes, Twitch’s monthly product update program, the company announced that banned users will soon be able to be blocked from viewing streams. If moderators or broadcasters enable the feature, banned users will be removed from the livestream in addition to the chat.

The new anti-harassment feature will become an integral part of Twitch’s blocking tools within the next few weeks, preventing prohibited users from viewing a stream automatically.

The feature will not be enabled by default when interacting with banned users, but streamers will be able to toggle the option within moderation settings. Trevor Fisher, senior product manager for Twitch, explained in the Patch Notes stream that the long-requested safety feature is the first step toward a more robust solution in the future.

Fisher stated, “We’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the years that people want their channel bans to do more.”

Obviously, the new feature will have workarounds, as it only inhibits logged-in blocked or banned users from viewing a stream.Twitch will forego IP blocking for the time being and has no other apparent means of monitoring logged-out users.

Twitch plans to introduce this capability in the future. The feature currently does not prevent unwanted viewers from viewing VODs, highlights, or clips.

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