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Former WWE luminary Mandy Rose divulges that she is currently amassing a substantial fortune operating beyond the conventional avenues of income. In an exclusive conversation with TMZ Sports, she expresses profound gratitude to her ardent supporters who have contributed to her notably “lucrative” journey on OnlyFans.

Mandy Rose, birthed as Amanda Saccomanno, garnered notoriety through her departure from Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire in the year 2022. It was during this tumultuous period that explicit images from her erstwhile subscription-based website found their way into the public domain via social media channels. Remarkably, Mandy Rose, undeterred by the ensuing scandal, embarked on a relentless mission to disseminate her alluring content.

In our recent dialogue, when the subject of her newfound career as an adult model was broached, Mandy exuded an air of jubilation regarding her accomplishments. She spoke of her current vocation with palpable enthusiasm, remarking, “This is truly remarkable. From a financial standpoint, I find myself in an exceptionally favorable position. Moreover, on a personal and psychological plane, I am flourishing. I now possess an abundance of time to invest in familial bonds and engagement, a prospect I never envisioned with such intensity.”

Mandy Rose also conveyed her heartfelt appreciation for the opportunities extended to her by WWE and the pivotal role the promotion played in her professional trajectory. However, she is fervently determined to relay a crucial message to her peers in the wrestling fraternity—namely, that their journey is far from reaching its conclusion.

As far as her endeavors on the OnlyFans platform are concerned, Mandy ardently relishes the capacity it affords her to meticulously chronicle every facet of her existence while fostering meaningful interactions with her devoted fan base. Naturally, the financial windfall is an undeniable incentive. She candidly shared with us that she is channeling her substantial earnings toward a noble cause—assisting her family in relocating their longstanding business enterprise.

In her own words, Mandy articulated, “I must acknowledge that this transformative experience has fundamentally altered the course of my life. I consider myself immensely fortunate, but I am also acutely aware that I now possess a level of financial autonomy that is truly astounding. It is this newfound capability that allows me to lend indispensable support to my family, breathing renewed vitality into their enduring business pursuits and propelling me toward a future defined by boundless potential.”

In summation, Mandy Rose succinctly affirmed, “It is undeniably a lucrative endeavor, and I have no inclination to downplay its significance.” Moreover, she tantalizingly teased about her continuing wrestling journey, assuring those who revel in her in-ring performances that there is more to come.

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