Video: Car plunges over Sanchez Street steps in San Francisco

This crash is similar to one you may see in a Hollywood film.

On a dead-end street in Dolores Heights, San Francisco, an automobile plowed through a guardrail, flew down an embankment, felled a tree, and came to rest upside down. On Saturday, it occurred at 19th and Sanchez Streets around 7:20 p.m.

KPIX received a neighbor’s account of the scene.

“A woman was dragging out a man who was covered in blood and was wearing a full-face mask and all-black clothing. She was screaming at them, wearing all black, with red hair, saying, “We have 3 minutes until the police arrive, hurry up!” claimed Michael Perez, a neighbor. “Just leave him, leave him!” they yelled as there was still another man trapped inside the vehicle.

Everyone in the automobile fled the scene, according to San Francisco police, and officers have not been able to find them yet.

Perez was one of several neighbors who sprinted over to aid the people inside the wrecked car.

“We observed what was occurring. They were all bleeding, there were booze bottles flowing out of their car, and it was obvious they were up to no good, according to Perez. “By the way they were dressed, overflowing out of their automobile, you could know they were vandals. They declined our assistance. ‘Don’t touch me,’ she commanded.

Giorgi Kvirkvia heard the noise when he was working on a car outside his garage. A man who had just been carjacked was one of the people he spoke to as he hurried over to the incident.

He claimed that, “according to him, they essentially kicked him out of his car — a few minutes earlier — somewhere down the block.” “He kind of resisted them, and in the end, I suppose they used a gun to knock him in the head. What he said was that. I noticed that his shirt had been torn when they were fighting.

According to Kvirkvia, police also discovered a gun at the site.

I think it’s a terrific illustration of how San Francisco’s lawlessness affects the actual residents and neighbors who live in the city. I thus hope that this serves as a small wakeup call to our leaders, reminding them that we need to prosecute crimes and hire more police officers.

When he heard the crash, Dave, who wouldn’t reveal his last name, was reading his daughter a goodnight tale.

“Later, I discovered that I had passed straight by two of the perpetrators—or, whatever you want to call them, two of the victims. I descended the stairs as they ascended them, but due to the commotion, nobody really noticed,” he stated.

Perez said that he had painted a mural on the stairs to improve the area and discourage graffiti.

“I might have been the culprit very easily. Looking over the scene, he added, “I still have paint on my hands from the last time I painted this.

Fortunately, no onlookers were hurt.

“I’m afraid. “I don’t want this to be happening in my neighborhood, much less San Francisco, where I live a few houses away,” Perez added.


The automobile abruptly crashes from the top of the steps at 1:27 in a video clip from a Nest camera uploaded by YouTube user Julia Brown shows the otherwise peaceful crossroads in Dolores Park and the Castro District in what appears to be late afternoon or early evening.

epic auto accident near Sanchez and 19th streets. via YouTube, Julia Brown
The white four-door sedan flips after flying over the hill’s summit, uprooting a tree and slamming into a parked vehicle before landing on its roof. One of the passengers in the automobile is assisted in exiting by a witness who runs up to the car and prys open one of the doors.

Several people can be seen getting out of the car. A few minutes later, a San Francisco Fire Department unit comes, and none of them are still present.

The automobile is seen crashing through the railing at the top of the stairs where Cumberland dead ends in a second released video.

Julia Brown’s earlier video on YouTube
In response “to the many media outlets calling” about the event, the San Francisco Fire Department tweeted about the collision on Sunday morning. Firefighters assisted in securing the scene as a tow truck removed the car.

In response to the numerous media outlets who called about this:

This collision occurred last night at 7:18 o’clock without any injuries.

The witnesses reported that “all the occupants fled the scene” as Truck 7 #SFFDT07 arrived.

No injuries were reported, and Truck 7’s crew helped a tow truck. Tweet this: Image: iRXIaVWuFf

According to police, the case is still under investigation. Those with information are urged to call the SFPD at 415-575-4444 or text a tip to TIP411 with the words “SFPD” in the subject line. Anonymous tipsters are permitted.

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