Video salvini giudice catania, Salvini publishes a video, Apostolic Judge in procession

Matteo Salvini stirred up a contentious maelstrom with his recent video post on X (formerly Twitter), which immediately ignited a fervent debate. The video depicted a protest on August 25, 2018, wherein demonstrators fervently demanded the disembarkation of migrants from the Diciotti ship. Among the protesters, an intriguing figure emerged, resembling none other than Catania judge Iolanda Apostolico. The judge had previously expressed her disapproval of the arrest of certain Tunisian migrants detained in the Pozzallo CPR, adding fuel to the controversy.

In the wake of Salvini’s video post, there have been calls for the initiation of proceedings by the CSM (Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura) to scrutinize the judge’s conduct in relation to her participation in the protest. The League, in a press release, pointed out that on Facebook profiles, praise had surfaced for crude and deeply offensive posts directed at Salvini, with mentions of Doctor Apostolico. As of now, none of the involved parties have issued denials regarding these circumstances.

During this tumultuous period, the deputy prime minister and minister found himself engrossed in a series of technical meetings tied to his ministerial responsibilities, spanning topics from the Channel Bridge to housing concerns, and from motorways to construction sites. Salvini, with a palpable sense of dismay, acknowledged the emerging concerns.

In Salvini’s own words on X, “On 25 August 2018, in Catania, I became deputy prime minister and minister of the Interior. Far-left demonstrations demand the disembarkation of migrants from the Diciotti ship: the crowd shouts ‘murderers’ and ‘animals’ in front of the police. I seem to see some familiar faces…” This statement promptly ignited a storm of controversy.

Anastasio Cala, the League’s representative in Catania, wasted no time launching a scathing critique, asserting, “The deputy prime minister and minister Matteo Salvini is right: in the video he posted this morning on social media, there are some well-known faces.

I’m certain he recognizes Catania magistrate Iolanda Apostolico, who participated in a far-left demonstration on a pier in the port of Catania on 25 August 2018. The crowd chanted ‘Kill’ in front of the police, ‘Prisoners,’ and ‘animals,’ and called for migrants to disembark from the Diciotti ship. I had a frank conversation with the doctor: can she prove me wrong?”

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