Video viral popo barbie sama patung leaked twitter Adegan Tak Senonoh

After a video of Bobo Barbie indecently attacking the statue went viral and terrified netizens, the police finally intervened. In recent days, the 21-second video titled “Popo Barbie” has gone viral on social media. Link to the video of Bobo Barbie and the statue that has been circulating on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Additionally, see: Viral Tiktok, Mamasa Police Officer Allegedly Pregnant with Girlfriend, Victims Demand Accountability On Monday (3/7/2023), after the Bobo Barbie video went viral on social media, police identified a suspect.

On Saturday, 7/1/2023, the police detained Emboy Yasandra (27), a TikToker celebrity from Kerinci in Jambi Province. Bobo Barbie, who is suspected of being an actor, spoke at a press conference regarding the Bobo video case that went viral on Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

He explains why and how he created pornographic videos of Bobo and the statues. “I did it for financial reasons; there were many installments to be paid,” he said at a press conference exposing the case at the Kolingi Police Headquarters in Jambi Province.

Bobo Barbie also admitted to making videos of Bobo and statues or mannequins, which went viral on social media, when he was sober. The purpose is to attract a large number of followers or viewers.

Furthermore, all endorsements are a form of publicity that employs well-known figures. Edi Mardi, the head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kerinci Police, echoed these sentiments. “Because the number of followers is declining, it must be added in order for it to go viral,” he explained.

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