Vinit Masram dead, Cinema Beyond Entertainment passed away

Yesterday, Vinit Masram, the proprietor of Cinema Beyond Entertainment, passed away. The news of his death shocked many, particularly those who had worked closely with him. Maslam’s filmography includes “Rustom”, “Mama”, and “Sanaa”. Without a doubt, his work has had a significant impact on each of these films, but his YouTube channel has taught us a great deal about them.

Its content brings the audience closer to the film and teaches us something. Even now, when viewing these videos, you can observe his enthusiasm and film knowledge.

It’s one thing to watch movies, but we rarely watch them attentively enough to comprehend their meaning. Vinit Masram has produced content that expands our understanding of filmmaking. His videos explicate the sequences, their significance, and the various film components. Similarly to this clip, he is observing a scene from Dear Hindaki.

Its content always acknowledges the importance of movies in our existence. Similar to when he discusses why we watch movies. This video discusses the emotional impact of films and their significance as an art form.

As someone who grew up viewing Bollywood films, we are aware that music plays a significant role in the films. Using “Game of Thrones” as an example, he described the use of music in TV programs and movies, including not only the songs but also the background music. He also acknowledged the musicians and how they composed the show’s background music, which was a welcome touch.

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