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The Island Boys, a polarizing rap duo that garnered both attention and criticism, have become a notable topic of discussion in the realm of social media and entertainment. At the forefront of this duo is Flyysoulja, who has responded to various controversies and contributed to their fame. This article delves into Flyysoulja’s responses to backlash, controversies surrounding their OnlyFans account, and their music career as depicted in their album “Stardom.”

Island Boys’ OnlyFans Backlash and Flyysoulja’s Response

Flyysoulja, alongside his brother Kodiyakredd, embarked on a unique venture by creating a joint OnlyFans account. This move, however, was met with backlash due to claims of “incest.” The duo faced criticism after sharing videos and images on social media, including instances of them kissing. These posts ignited heated discussions and divided opinions, with many condemning the content as inappropriate and “nasty”.

Amidst the controversy, Flyysoulja took a stance to address the situation. In an exclusive comment to TMZ, he defended their actions, stating that the physical expressions were not indicative of sexual feelings between them. He emphasized that they are both straight males and maintained that kissing should not be classified as a sexual act. Furthermore, Flyysoulja explained that their intention was to gauge societal reactions, shedding light on their provocative approach to gaining attention.

Flyysoulja’s Artistic Journey and “Stardom” Album

Flyysoulja, recognized as one half of the Island Boys, has ventured into the music scene. Their song “I’m An Island Boy” gained significant traction on platforms like TikTok, contributing to their initial rise to popularity in 2021 . However, it’s important to note that the Island Boys’ music has attracted mixed reviews, with some considering it subpar.

Flyysoulja’s solo endeavors are exemplified in his album titled “Stardom.” Critics and listeners alike have not been lenient in their assessments. The album has been criticized for its perceived lack of quality and substance. Reviewers have expressed disappointment in the lyrical content, delivery, and overall production. Despite the fame attained by Flyysoulja and his brother, their music has been regarded by some as lacking authenticity and artistic merit.


Flyysoulja’s journey as part of the Island Boys has been marked by controversies, attention-seeking tactics, and artistic endeavors that have generated mixed reactions. The response to the OnlyFans backlash underscores their provocative approach to gaining attention, while the “Stardom” album reveals varying perspectives on their musical talent. The Island Boys’ fame continues to spark discussions about the nature of modern celebrity and the interplay between social media and artistic expression.

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