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The event, which was organized by Kate Moss’ brother Nick, provided Kate with a rare chance to spend time with her errant half-sister Lottie and her father Peter (Peter) and his second wife, Inger. It is hoped that model Kate, 49, who has appeared on the cover of Vogue more than 40 times, will forgive Lottie, 25, who earns her living by posting racy photographs on the sleazy website OnlyF.

You may be pondering what tattoo Lottie needs forgiveness for. The problem, according to Kate’s supporters, is that she routinely attacks her half-sister whenever she speaks, although her career path is also a factor.

Neither woman has romantic feelings for the other. Under her eyes, Lottie has the word “Lover” tattooed. “She knows how valuable your face is as a model,” a friend remarked. This was the final straw on the camel’s back. She adores them as if they were sisters, but they have nothing in common.

According to a second source close to Kate, Lottie’s career path has “cheated” the Moss brand, as she has been “modeling” on the explicit subscription site since 2021. Kate is concerned about protecting the Moss identity because her 20-year-old daughter Lila Moss models as Lila Moss and not Lila Harker. Lila Hack inherited her surname from her father Jefferson. Lila was a member of the elite team of twenty that Kate’s own Kate Moss Agency assembled in 2016.

Lila currently resides in New York and formerly worked for designer Marc Jacobs, a close associate of her mother’s. “Kate is concerned with her name. “Her legacy is not only her career, but also Lilas,” a source explained. “The moniker Moss is of great value. She believes that earning money and achieving success are crucial factors.

“Kate disliked being professionally associated with Lottie,” a source said. She once believed that Lottie should use her mother’s maiden name rather than Lottie Moss. One can only speculate How unpopular Lottie would become.

However, despite sharing a father, their childhoods never coincided, and there was a substantial age difference between them. Lottie grew up in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, as the daughter of Peter Moss, a travel agent, and his second wife, Inge Inger Solnordal, a Norwegian. She attended Hailsham’s Pay Bede School.

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