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Over the years, many Twitch streamers have amassed fortunes through OnlyFans, but separating the two careers can be difficult due to the Amazon-owned platform’s regulations prohibiting the promotion of such content.

We’ve observed Twitch streamers such as Alinity earn more from OnlyFans in a matter of months than they’ve earned from broadcasting over the years, and a major reason for this is their existing followers on non-adult sites Base.

Twitch prohibits broadcasters from promoting their OnlyFans accounts and soliciting sexually suggestive services, which Lilylaness inadvertently did by displaying her OnlyFans menu options.

Lilylaness was speaking on Twitch on August 15 when her less secure OnlyFans option appeared on the stream.

These options appear to be similar to the Vortex Donation option, in which the streamer performs jackpots, squats, or outfit changes when donations reach a certain amount, but are of a more sexual nature.

Lilylaness, for her part, expunged the text from her broadcast and appeared distressed when the menu appeared, but Twitch still banned her.

The Community Guidelines for Twitch state: “Users are prohibited from sending, uploading, soliciting, offering, and linking to pornographic or sexually explicit content, as well as offering or soliciting sexual content in exchange for money, services, or anything of value.”

The OnlyFans model has not yet responded to the restriction, but it does not appear to be permanent because her channel states that her account is “temporarily unavailable.”

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