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Saraya Jade Bevis is a professional wrestler from England. She is signed to All Elite Wrestling, where she wrestles under the ring name Saraya. She is best recognized for her tenure with WWE, where she went under the ring name Paige. She was the first NXT Women’s Champion and a two-time WWE Divas Champion. She is the only woman in history to hold both the Divas and NXT Women’s Championships at the same time.

Bevis made her professional wrestling debut in 2005, for her family’s World Association of Wrestling promotion under the ring name Britani Knight. She went on to win a number of titles on the European independent circuit. WWE recruited Bevis in 2011 after researching talent in England, and she began wrestling in its developing divisions, debuting on Florida Championship Wrestling in 2012 and eventually going on a winning streak in NXT. She won the WWE Divas Championship in her main roster debut match in 2014, becoming the youngest WWE Divas Champion.

Paige went on leave in 2015 and 2016 due to injuries, following neck surgery in October 2016. She was unable to compete further after suffering an impact injury to the neck during a match in December 2017. Paige resigned from ring combat in 2018 due to injury. She continued with WWE after her retirement as a contributor to WWE-related programming and in management roles until her contract with the business expired in July 2022. She formally signed with AEW in September 2022 and made her debut with the company.

Paige was crowned Diva of the Year by Rolling Stone in 2014 and ranked first in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50. In 2018, she was named WWE Year-End General Manager of the Year. The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family, a documentary about Saraya and her family produced by Channel 4, was adapted into the 2019 feature film Fighting with My Family, in which Saraya was portrayed by Florence Pugh.

Saraya Jade Bevis was born in Norwich. She comes from a wrestling family: her parents, Julia Hamer-Bevis and Patrick Bevis, as well as her older brothers, Roy Bevis and Zak Bevis, are all wrestlers. Her family owns and controls the Norwich-based World Association of Wrestling organization, and her mother owns and operates Bellatrix Female Warriors, a women’s wrestling promotion. Bevis’ mother once struggled with the fact that she was seven months pregnant with Bevis.

Bevis and her family lived in a council house. She attended Norwich’s The Hewett School. She was afraid of wrestling as a child because of the damage her family suffered and had aspired to be a biologist. Bevis began fighting one of her brothers in the ring when she was 10 years old, and her father taught her wrestling moves. When Bevis was 13, her younger brother died. While her parents were gone, she worked as a bouncer and bartender at her parents’ tavern when she was 15 years old.

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