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A few years ago, Saraya (then known as Paige) was hacked, resulting in the release of her private photos and videos with tragic consequences. The response given at the time by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is still pertinent today.

While it is true that Saraya has moved on and learned from her traumatic experience, the stigma surrounding the incident still plagues her. This was also Booker T’s prediction at the time of the disclosure. Here are his comments from the “Intense Conversations” podcast.

“Such occurrences will haunt Page eternally. Currently, I do not know if the photos have been verified or something similar. I am aware that she posted on Twitter expressing regret, etc. The issue, however, is that these young individuals must first consider their future plans.

Today, Saraya enters AEW and will compete for the advanced Women’s World Championship in a major match at the upcoming All-In Pay-Per-View event.

Booker T reacted with caution to Saraya’s sexually explicit leak, and then issued a stern warning to youthful professionals in the industry. The message is straightforward: consider before acting.

“What I find even stranger is the thought process of today’s youth, who are able to stand up in such a manner and have such a thing occur. It can completely alter the course of an individual’s existence. Simple.” Consider the matter carefully. Now consider, do you want a career as a teacher or something else? If you are currently looking for a job with children, the first thing you should do is access your social media accounts.

Even these views, which were first expressed years ago, remain valid today.

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