watch rashmi verma mla viral video outraged on socia media

Some allegedly objectionable photographs of the prominent MLA for the BJP, Rashmi Verma, have gone viral. This image depicts her with a male. Rashmi Verma is the legislator for the West Champaran constituency of Narkatiaganj. Bhaskar has discussed the matter with Rashmi Verma.

According to him, he also received information from the social messaging platform about the pictures going viral. These images have been altered, and this type of image is going viral to malign me. I will register a complaint with cybercell. I will also notify law enforcement.

After this, late in the evening, the MLA filed a written complaint with the Economic Offenses Unit’s cyber cell. On this basis, the investigation into the case has begun. Investigation will lead to further action.

The individual seen with MLA Sanjay Sarangpur told Bhaskar that all of this is unfounded. Someone has altered the image and made it viral through manipulation. We previously resided in Janata Dal United. Currently, I am a bit unwell, so I am not on any posts. According to him, I have had a cordial relationship with the MLA. This is why he had to enter and exit the area.

Sanjay Sarangpuri resides in the Motihari police station area of Agarwa. He has been a member of JDU. Do contract labor as well. He received a kidney transplant recently. Since then, he has been bedridden.

Rashmi Verma’s name was brought up in December 2020, when she received assassination threats via telephone. He reported at the police station that Rs 20 lakh in extortion was being demanded from him. During the elections of 2015, a case of a comparable nature came to light. He had reported receiving the menacing letter to the police. It was stated in the letter that your participation in elections and nominations hinders our efforts.

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