watch spongebob behind closed doors Artwork By Show’s Artists Surfaces After 20 Years

SpongeBob SquarePants fans have been in a state of uproar after NSFW drawings of their favorite characters appeared on their social media feeds. While many people, including myself, dismissed the filthy drawings as Rule 34 garbage infiltrating social media platforms, the drawings appear to be legitimate, according to the YouTuber who discovered them.

LSuperSonicQ, a YouTuber who specializes in unearthing and analyzing previously lost episodes of cartoons such as the Johnny Bravo and Dragon Ball Z cross-over episode, released The Darkest SpongeBob Lost Media, Found on Wednesday, revealing a collection of “crude drawings” of the SpongeBob characters by the official animators. Behind Closed Doors is a collection of…well, basically what the title says: a collection of unhinged drawings storyboard artists would make as a goof to blow off steam.

It’s without a doubt one of the largest pieces of lost media I’ve ever seen, and something I never even considered existed.” “Apparently, as some of the artists have since mentioned, this kind of thing happens a lot during content creation,” LSuperSonicQ told Kotaku via Twitter DMs. “However, talking about it with my source paints a more personal picture for me of why it exists, and I hope people take that away from the video as well.” Whether it’s harmless fun or something sinister, the book combines both sides and makes an outstanding piece of animation history.”

An unidentified source who worked at Nickelodeon Studios, according to LSuperSonicQ, was given one of many copies of a notebook containing “hundreds” of filthy drawings. The unnamed source’s copy of Behind Closed Doors had been collecting dust in their attic until they came upon a 2012 Hogan’s Alley interview with the SpongeBob team, who mentioned the book in passing. According to LSuperSonicQ, this prompted them to share the notebook with the YouTuber.

“My source’s copy was given to them under the impression that it was one of the only ones that existed and that they were going to be disposed of apparently to get rid of it before the new management at the time,” LSuperSonicQ explained in his video.

You might be wondering how insane these drawings are. Some include SpongeBob playing his skin flute, Mr. Krabs projectile shitting into a toilet, and Squidward reinvented as a sentient penis with tentacles, among other disgusting illustrations, and are visible on the Internet Archive if you’re not afraid. LSuperSonicQ stated in his video that the anonymous source withheld some of the illustrations due to their “distasteful” and “objectionable” content.

“Towards the end of the season, all of the storyboard artists would do these hilarious, crude drawings of SpongeBob on Post-It notes just to make everyone else laugh.” “And these drawings would go on the back of the door because no one would see them if the door was open,” SpongeBob writer and storyboard director Kent Osborne explained to Hogan’s Alley. “Sam Henderson compiled all of these Post-It notes into a book and distributed copies to everyone.” Behind Closed Doors was the title of the book. He didn’t want to put everyone’s names in the book in case they got into the wrong hands, so he made anagrams of everyone’s names and put them on the back. They were just hilarious. For me, the anagram was Tek Bonerson. To this day, whenever I see Tom Kenny, he exclaims, “Tek!”

Nickelodeon was contacted for comment by Kotaku.

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