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This video was uploaded to Instagram by the artist, and I expressed their harmony.

palio di siena 2023 vincitore

On the occasion of the Siena Horse Racing Festival, the renowned rock vocalist Gianna Nannini uploaded a video of the Oka Festival to her social network. “Siamo in 2010” published: In the video, the lungs are visible and can be touched on the opposite side.

I promptly turn off the video when I hear the new sound while watching Nannini spot the green.

Domenica sera la contrada della Selva, Cavalla Violenta da Clodia, and “Titia” Giovanni Atzeni lamented the Siena horse race on 2 July.

In Korsa’s recent history, it has been resurrected repeatedly for Tittia, the fifth generation, despite Selva’s popularity and her demise just last week.

In the final Palio dello scorso race of the previous year, Violenta da Clodia’s record on the Piazza del Campo circuit was maintained (1min 12sec) for the second consecutive year.

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