watch:american airlines pilot goes viral video

The unforeseen declaration made by a captain from American Airlines regarding social etiquette has garnered significant attention on the internet.

On July 26, Anna Leah Maltezos, a comedy producer and passenger on a flight, published the announcement footage on her Instagram account. The video, titled “American Airlines captain expresses frustration with passengers,” has gained significant online attention and accumulated more than 5.2 million views.

From the onset, the unidentified captain of the Boeing 737 flight emphasizes the importance of passengers displaying courtesy towards the cabin crew.

It is important to bear in mind that the presence of flight attendants is primarily intended to ensure the safety of passengers. Subsequently, the captain made an announcement stating that their presence is intended to enhance the overall pleasantness of the flight experience. The individuals in question will assume responsibility for attending to your needs, but, it is expected that you attentively heed their instructions as they serve as representatives of my intentions within the cabin.

He further asserted, “Moreover, it is my volition that holds significance.”

Despite its brevity, the film captures the pilot’s observations and criticisms of several social habits that he deems undesirable. These behaviors include playing videos audibly, misplacing bags, and exhibiting unconsciousness and drooling, so inconveniencing fellow passengers.

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