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In a dramatic riverside altercation in Montgomery, Alabama, supporters of a black riverboat worker clashed with a group of white men who began assaulting him after he told them to move an unlawfully parked pontoon.

Several social media videos documented the fight on Saturday night, which appeared to be primarily fought along racial lines. Numerous social media users celebrated footage of white attackers being repulsed by black men rushing towards riverboat employees as dust rose from the riverbanks.

montgomery riverfront brawl full fight twitter

One comment stated, “It’s not 1963,” referring to the year preceding the signing of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibited ethnic discrimination.

The Montgomery Police Department verified that they were responding to reports of a disturbance in the 200 block of Coosa Street in the Riverside Park neighborhood of Montgomery. According to the police, they “discovered a large group of individuals engaged in physical altercations.”

“Numerous arrests have been made, but no charges have been filed,” police said in a statement without further explanation.

It appears that the altercation began when a pontoon boat prevented a larger riverboat from mooring. When a black worker on a riverboat objected, a mob of white males attacked him.

The conflict escalated when roughly six black men confronted white men on the riverboat. Cheered by onlookers, they assaulted three white men and two women, at least one of whom struck the others for the first time by chasing them and throwing them from behind.

At least two women leapt into the river or were pushed into it. A video depicts a third individual receiving a head injury from a folding chair.

After the police arrived, the fight subsided and then erupted momentarily before officers handcuffed both black and white participants.

NBC station from Montgomery Four arrest warrants have been issued for the altercation, according to WSFA, and “more videos may be released as they are reviewed.”

Additionally, the authorities requested the public’s assistance in clarifying the incident.

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