With the addition of four new allies, League of Legends’s new Arena mode has been thrown open

Riot Games has recently introduced a new mode to League of Legends, but this elimination-style Arena playlist has already been exploited by LoL players to summon four additional allies.

The new Arena mode of League of Legends has not yet been released on live servers, but players are already developing strategies to take advantage of its various mechanics. A particular champion combination is already being touted as one of the most powerful in the new mode.

Combining two champions with one of the mode’s new special augmentations yields bizarre results for players. The ultimates of Ivern and Annie are crucial to this new strategy that drops four additional opponents on unsuspecting opponents.

A popular video on r/leagueoflegends depicts two summoners employing the strategy to blitz an enemy squad. Ultimate Revolution, a Prismatic Augment, accelerates the progression of events for the duo after they obtain it.

6v2v2v2 – PBE Arena Highlight
by u/_allInVain in leagueoflegends

The new enhancement permits champions to utilize their ultimate ability twice in a row. This allows Ivern and Annie to summon two allies and populate the battlefield with combatants.

In the clip, Ivern uses two ultimates to summon two Daisys. The meat shields and resulting crowd control allow Annie to charge and drop her own Tibbers’ coupling.

Using Tibbers as a tank and the Daisys to deal damage while Ivern and Annie apply crowd control, the surprising combo keeps their opponents pinned down while Ivern and Annie apply crowd control.

Despite the fact that this combo annihilated these specific foes, it is by no means a guaranteed slaughter. Players can still use their own spells, items, and augmentations to nullify CCs and reduce the threat posed by individual targets.

League of Legends Arena mode

The Arena mode of League of Legends is currently available for testing in the Public Beta Environment.

As the release date approaches, the response from players to the new gameplay style has been overwhelmingly positive. It will go live on July 20, concurrent with patch 13.14.

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