X, formerly Twitter, now sorts posts by like count on profiles when signed out

When users are logged out, X, formerly known as Twitter, now organizes posts by like counts as opposed to the order in which they were posted. Posts, formerly known as tweets, appear in chronological order on profiles while logged into the social network, but are sorted by performance once the user logs out.

The modification was initially discovered by 9to5Google.

The platform sorts posts based on the number of likes, not the number of views, as posts with more views but fewer likes appear lower in feeds.

The change is certainly peculiar, especially considering that your most-liked posts may date back years. The new categorizing method prioritizes popular posts over new and recent ones.

Even if you have a pinned post, it will not appear at the top of your profile feed when you are not logged in. This negates the purpose of a pinned post.

It is unknown why X made this decision, but it is conceivable that the company believes that if logged-out users see your most popular posts first, they will be more likely to follow you or join the service.

Since Elon Musk assumed control of the company a year ago, X has undergone numerous changes. This morning, the social network transformed X Pro, formerly known as TweetDeck, into a paid-only service. The move is not unexpected, as the company announced in June that TweetDeck would shortly be accessible only to verified users.

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