xqc address leaked check here

During his streaming tenure, xQc has been known to move frequently. Throughout his years in the public eye, the Twitch celebrity has moved residences every few months for a variety of reasons.

In the past, xQc has relocated for a variety of reasons, including swattings, Visa issues, and his address being released. However, he has been less forthcoming about his most recent move.

However, his address has leaked the majority of the time without his direct involvement. In the past, he had inadvertently disclosed his address via his IP address, but this time is different.

During an extremely brief minute-and-a-half transmission, xQc was on a private phone call during which he was required to provide his address, which he did. The address he provided was his former residence in Texas, where he no longer resides.

After receiving a TTS message from a viewer, xQc would realize that he was live. He then immediately removed the complete stream and VOD library. As is often the case on the Internet, it was too late, and the stream had already been cut off.

In his own Twitch chat, he went on to say, “I was ready to go live, the go-live button was highlighted, I pressed space or something, and it went live.”

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