YouTube is giving people who break their rules a way to get rid of their warnings

This morning, YouTube announced a change to its Community Guidelines that will affect creators who violate its rules. When receiving a warning, creators now have the option of enrolling in an educational training course. YouTube will remove the warning from the creator’s channel if they do not violate the same policy within 90 days.

This modification will enable creators to understand why their content crossed the line, thereby reducing the number of channels terminated from the video platform. YouTube creators will be able to remove their initial warning before it leads to a strike by completing the course. According to YouTube’s current guidelines, channels with three penalties within 90 days are terminated.

YouTube began issuing one-time warnings for the first policy violation in 2019, and the company now claims that more than 80 percent of creators who receive a warning never violate its policies again.

According to the company, this new policy was implemented because YouTube creators requested more resources to help them better grasp the rules.

YouTube explained in an announcement, “We also understand that receiving a strike can disrupt a creator’s posting schedule, and for creators building businesses through our YouTube Partner Program, receiving an unintentional strike is not only frustrating, but can have a financial impact on their bottom line.”

Obviously, creators’ earnings have an effect on YouTube’s revenue, so it makes sense that the company would want to maintain as many monetizable videos as possible on its site.

The warning will be removed from the channel of creators who successfully complete the course and refrain from the same policy violation for 90 days. However, if they violate the same policy again within 90 days, the video will be removed and they will receive a strike on their channel. If the creator violates the same policy after 90 days, the video is removed and a second warning is issued. They may then choose to enroll in a new training course.

YouTube will now issue separate warnings based on the specific policy that has been violated, as opposed to a single warning for the duration of the channel. Therefore, creators who frequently violate YouTube’s policies will have more opportunities to eliminate their warnings before they become strikes, allowing them to avoid having their channels terminated.

YouTube states that the 3-strike rule will not change, but it appears that fewer creators will reach that threshold as a result of this new policy.

The company notes that its policies regarding terminating channels that repeatedly violate its terms of service or post a single instance of “severe content” remain unchanged. It states that it may prevent chronic offenders from taking training courses in the future, but does not specify how this will be determined.

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